SOFIHUB Home (+8 Sensors)

SOFIHUB Home (+8 Sensors)

Key Features

A personalised and proactive digital companion, SOFIHUB home uses spoken reminders to encourage positive living and adherence to health-related routines.

The SOFIHUB home system comprises of a hub which resides in the lounge or kitchen and eight motion sensors. These sensors are placed in different areas around the home and are designed to observe movement throughout the home.

During initial set up three key routines are programmed into SOFIHUB via our online portal,

  • What time range does the user go to bed?
  • What time range does the user get up? 
  • How long is normally spent in the bathroom?

If the homeowner stays within these key routines, then SOFIHUB will act as a companion offering greetings and reminders throughout the day.

  • Good morning, today’s weather will be a high of 30 degrees and a low of 28 so make sure you stay hydrated and drink plenty of water. 
  • It’s time for your heart medicine. 
  • How about a glass of water?

If one of these routines is not met, then SOFIHUB will register this anomaly and say.

  • I’ve noticed you’ve been in the bathroom longer than usual. Is everything ok?, please press the top button to let us know you are Ok

If there is no response following further prompts over a five-minute period an alert in the form of an SMS and/or an email will be sent to a previously nominated family member or carer to notify them there has been no response.

Through intelligent monitoring of movement, all of which is achieved without video or audio surveillance; at no time does SOFIHUB compromise an individual’s right to privacy.

Our online portal can be accessed via a smart phone or a desktop / laptop computer and allows the nominated carers to add new reminders, delete / amend current ones and also do a live text to voice messaging.

SOFIHUB home is an always on solution and uses an internal 4G sim card to maintain contact with our carers and monitoring portal at all times, thus NO internet connection is needed in the home where SOFIHUB lives. 
To achieve this always on status there is an ongoing monthly charge of $25.00 which covers all data usage and monitoring software.

SOFIHUB Home (+8 Sensors)

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