Reverie 6X

Sophisticated Beyond Measure 

The 6X Adjustable Power Base Foundations the only base that is designed to  use on top of any bed with solid slats or platform. 

If comfort and style are what you seek  designed  to fit perfect inside of your existing bed frame. look no further than the Reverie 6X adjustable foundation. Renowned as one of the finest bases available, it seamlessly combines luxurious design with premium functionality. Adorned with a chic grey upholstered top and exquisite wood rails, this premium power base exudes sophistication. Its high-end features allow for effortless customization of your sleep surface, ensuring you find the perfect sleeping or resting position tailored to your preferences. With a simple touch of a button, transform your bedroom into the ultimate relaxation haven.

Customizable Comfort: Head and Foot Adjustability- Say goodbye to one-size-fits-all sleep solutions. With the SleepTech Deluxe, you can customize your sleeping position with adjustable head and foot settings, allowing you to find the perfect angle for optimal comfort and support.

Seamless Integration: Platform Compatibility -  Upgrade your existing bed frame effortlessly with the SleepTech Deluxe, which is platform-compatible and can be easily installed on top of your current setup, ensuring a seamless integration into your bedroom décor.

Effortless Control: Voice Activation and Bluetooth Connectivity - Experience the convenience of hands-free control with voice activation technology, enabling you to adjust your bed settings with simple voice commands. Stay connected and entertained with built-in Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to stream your favorite music or podcasts directly to your bed.

Sleek Design: 3-in-1 Grey Tapered Wood Leg - Elevate the style of your bedroom with the elegant 3-in-1 Grey Tapered Wood Leg, adding a touch of sophistication to your sleep space while providing sturdy support for the SleepTech Deluxe.

Convenient Access: Customer Convenience Hub- Stay in control of your sleep environment with the Customer Convenience Hub, providing easy access to essential features and settings for a personalized sleep experience tailored to your preferences.

Space-Saving Design: Low Profile - Enjoy a sleek and minimalist design with the SleepTech Deluxe's low-profile construction, perfect for maximizing space in your bedroom while maintaining a modern aesthetic.

Optimal Support: Zero Gravity and Anti-Snore - Experience weightless comfort with the Zero Gravity function, which elevates your legs to promote circulation and relieve pressure on your spine. Say goodbye to disruptive snoring with the Anti-Snore feature, which automatically adjusts your sleeping position to minimize snoring and ensure uninterrupted rest for you and your partner.

Other Features


  • Head and foot adjustability

  • The only base designed to be installed on top of your existing strong support bed 
  • 3D Wave™ technology with two wave modes and full body massage with 10 intensity levels

  • Reverie Connect™ compatible for voice activation and IOT functionality

  • Bluetooth® technology compatible with the Nightstand™ app

  • Whisper quiet lift system

  • 385kg weight capacity

  • Easy click single, center retainer bar to secure the mattress

  • Power down feature in the event of power loss

  • LED night light to guide your way

  • Automatic safety stop upon weight overload

  • Black mesh fabric
  • 3-in-1 leg design for customizable bed heights (21cm, 13cm, 8cm) 
  • Fits most modern frames without using the legs 
  • 8.2cm profile thickness


Reverie 6X Adjustable

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