ProMotion Premier Adjustable Base + Anti-Gravity 3 Layer

The ProMotion Premier adjustable base is a four-motor system with head and foot lift features as well as pillow and lumbar adjustment. The massage feature is perfect for relieving stress at the end of the day but also ideal for injury and rehabilitation.

Manual adjustments allow you to fine-tune your perfect sleep and resting position, and, find your own anti-gravity position to assist with circulation, or use the remotes preset positions.


A firm sleeping surface, the Anti-Gravity 3 layer mattress is designed with a profile cut layer to allow airflow through the mattress, a premium high density firm comfort layer and a bamboo infused memory foam layer all combining to give you a mattress that conforms to your individual body shape, promotes better circulation, regulates humidity and is anti-bacterial, mould and dust mite resistant.

The Anti-Gravity 3 layer mattress has zero partner disturbance and is covered in a breathable ultra stretch knit fabric. 

This mattress is soft enough to promote steady blood circulation and firm enough to provide a supportive surface. 



This model has cordless remote control allowing the user to save their preference in position, but also including manual adjustments and zero gravity positional button. The ProMotion Premier also features bluetooth speakers and app connectivity

Adjustable Function: Head & Foot, Lumbar & Pillow
Weight Limit inc Mattress: 250kg
Frame Finish: Fabric
Motor Quantity: 4
Remote Control: Cordless
Massage: Yes
Lumbar Adjust: Yes
Pillow Adjust: Yes
Under Bed Light: Yes
Fits in a Bed Frame: Yes
Optional Side Rails: No
Gravity Fall: Yes
Battery Backup: Yes
Castors No
Other: Bluetooth Speakers & USB Charger

ProMotion Premier Adjustable Base + Anti-Gravity 3 Layer

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